When will your startup go bust?

An easy to use spreadsheet to determine the point at which your startup will die

There’s a lot of great tools and spreadsheets out there for managing your finances and understanding MRR/churn – I couldn’t find one that satisfied a simple question I had:

When will we run out of money?

I put together a spreadsheet to show me the critical date for my startup. You can use my sheet with the link below, it takes just a few numbers (Current MRR, Cash In Bank, Churn and how much you spend each month). There’s three growth scenarios set-up, so you can simply change the expected growth rate in each one.

It’ll then tell you exactly what month you’ll need to have your next funding round in place for, and colour code each month based on how close to the wire you are.

If you’ve got any suggestions or spot any issues then drop me an email to al@formisimo.com or leave a comment below – hope you find it useful.

Start calculating when your startup will go bust. - Take a copy of this spreadsheet and add in your numbers.