I changed 13 words on our homepage and conversions went up 73%

One early piece of advice we got was to appeal to the pain points of potential customers. They emotionally attach themselves to you because you’re solving their problem.

Formisimo is an analytics tool that shows our customers why their website visitors don’t complete their online checkout so the pain point is that our customers know their checkout process has issues – from minor issues to fundamental flaws. We’re here to reveal data on how to make it fantastic.

After some productive conversations with our designer about simplifying our homepage message (the H1 at the top that’s the most visible text) we set-up a simple AB test. We swapped out the pain point message with one that simply explained what we do. The only change between A and B was the text:

Test A (Original): “Online forms and checkouts suck. We show you how to make them awesome”

Test B (New): “Analytics for Forms and Checkouts. Find out why people don’t complete them”

Our homepage is the most visited single page on the site so I expected to see a big impact, but didn’t expect:

Homepage to registration up by 73%
Registration value up 187%
Per session value up 406%

The headline stats are great, but digging in to site usage the pages/session and bounce rate were within 10% of each other. I don’t have the data to understand why this metric hasn’t changed but I’m going to assume that people reached a decision point quicker with Test B (New) – there were more single page sessions because people realised this wasn’t the product for them, which averaged out against the increase in visitors got through the sign-up process.

I also used PopcornMetrics to track events on both pages, tagging up all the navbar elements, plus any CTAs on the page. Any element or CTA that helps the user learn more about Formisimo is classified as soft (vs harder ones such as pricing, get started). The ratio of visitors to clicks on soft elements reduced by 41%, but the ratio of visitors to clicks on hard elements remained the same.

We also have events fired by Zopim Livechat, and we saw the visitor to livechat percentage drop from 2.08% (Test A) to 0.81% (Test B) which IMHO is a good sign that people understand our product more. The majority of chats fired on the homepage are to ask fundamentals about the product.

Going back to the advice that we got: appeal to your customers pain points. I don’t think it’s flawed but it has a different place in the visitor flow when you’re a product that’s:

a) New to market with minimal brand recognition
b) Creating a niche.